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I'm hoping I can qualify for 2019, but I'm not positive what's realistic.

I have been working hard. And every pound I shed, shed in a healthy fashion of course, has been responsible for me slicing my typical mile times by 2-3 seconds.

Will I ever be sub 3? Probably not. My BF hasn't even run one, and so I can only assume that for us mere mortals it's not doable.

The things that have worked for me were to get on a schedule, and then actually stick to it. It is easy once you have done it a few times.

But in the end it is mileage, mileage, mileage. I am aiming for 60-70 miles a weak, which is my peak goal. Right now I am around 40 miles a weak. And 40 miles a week a good if you want to finish a marathon, not even close if you want to do sub 3.

I have until September 2018 to qualify for 2019.