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I work close to the fincial district, okay, theoretically, I work in the finical district, just not in the heart. And so most days I will just pick up some lunch there. Pricey? No, not if you know where to look. But if you don't look carefully you will just end up eating chicken salad every day.

And I hate chicken salad in general, so I can't live like that. Which is why I explore the various options regularly and see if they have something new to add. But if you like Mexican food there are a lot of wonderful places to eat. For example, Al's steak bellino which is filled with steak and cheese with onions and peppers is probably the best lunch I've had - many times now - since I work close to them. Also don't let a long line scare you away they move fast.

Here are a couple of other options:

  • Viga
    • They are always good if you enjoy subs. I recommend their chicken Parmesan for the first try.
  • Five Guys in DTX
  • Falafel King
    • Get a Shwarma and some napkins, it's wicked good.
  • Chacarero
    • They make a Chilean and it is really good, not to mention filling. They only accept cash only and you will be satisfied with a small.
  • Cosi
    • Their salads are good and they also make flatbread sandwiches which are also really good. They have a special where you can do a 50/50, that is get a small salad and a half sandwich.

Outside of that there are tons of food trucks along the greenway, I've tried a fair bit of them and never been disappointed. Keep an eye out for Tenoch, they do Mexican sandwiches or burritos and they are so worth the wait. Tenoch's Tortas are on another level if you just want to buy a quick bite to eat and they have a pretty good variety for just a small shop. Another staple in the area is Bon Me which are solid and if you see them give them a try.

Lunch in the District